The Rocketeer,

Minute 018: You’ll Triple My Price

May 17, 2017

Guest Host: Comic Book Alex

Alex Robinson is the co-host of the STAR WARS MINUTE podcast. In his spare time he enjoys watching TV, quietly staring off into space and being an award-winning cartoonist.


Eddie Valentine remains seated, with the tip of Valentine’s sword pressing against his throat.

“We have a deal,” says Neville.  With the tip of his sword, he removes the boutonnière from Eddie’s lapel and tosses it to Spanish Johnny. “Now, you bring me that rocket, and I’ll double your price,” says Sinclair.

Eddie stands, and steps forward toward Sinclair. He points a finger at Sinclair’s face. “You’ll triple my price,” says Valentine.

Valentine leaves, taking Mike and Spanish Johnny with him. “What’s a movie star need a rocket for, anyway?” he  wonders aloud.

Sinclair watches them leave, then tosses him sword up in the air, catching it near the pommel.  He prunes the tops off a vase filled with Calla lilies with one stroke of the blade.  “Bloody amateurs!” he says to himself.  Removing his fencing glove, Sinclair picks up the receiver of a Western Electric Model 102 phone and dials a number.

The scene shifts to a darkened apartment. Neon light filters in from a window facing a brick wall. A Zenith tabletop radio plays opera music. Nearby, a hairy hand taps to the rhythm of the song.

In This Minute

Alan Arkin as Peevy
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Paul Sorvino as Eddie Valentine
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair
Robert Miranda as Spanish Johnny
Daniel O’Shea as Mike
Tiny Ron as Lothar



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