The Rocketeer,

Minute 019: A Condolence Call

May 18, 2017

Guest Host: Comic Book Alex

Alex Robinson is the co-host of the STAR WARS MINUTE podcast. In his spare time he enjoys watching TV, quietly staring off into space and being an award-winning cartoonist.


In a darkened apartment, opera music plays from a tabletop radio. A telephone rings.  A large, hairy hand turns down the volume of the radio. An unseen man answers the phone, while a steaming teacup and sandwich quarters with the crusts cut off sit next to the phone.

“Yes?” says the unseen man.

“Lothar,” says Neville Sinclair on the other end of the call, “I’ve got another job for you — a condolence call.”
Meanwhile, in the beanfield behind Hangar Number 2, Cliff is hammering a metal stake into the ground. Tied to the stake by a chain is Lucky Lindy’s statue, now wearing the rocket pack on his back. Peevy adjusts the straps on Lucky Lindy’s statue.

“C’mon, Peevy,” says Cliff. The two of them hop over the rise of a makeshift trench, with wires running to a guillotine switch. The two men hunker down in the trench, and Peevy puts his hand on the guillotine switch for the wire running back to the statue.

“Here goes,” says Peevy as he throws the  switch to the closed position.

The rocket fires up immediately, lifting the Lucky Lindy statue to a height of about thirty feet. Reaching the end of its chain, the statue begins to orbit the stake.

“Well,” says Peevy, “I”m lookin’ at it, but I –”

In This Minute

Alan Arkin as Peevy
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair
Tiny Ron as Lothar



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