The Rocketeer,

Minute 050: Where’s What?

June 30, 2017

Guest Host: Chris Henry

Chris Henry has been a lifelong aviation enthusiast. Since the time he started volunteering at the local air museum at the age of 12 airplanes have been part of his life. He went to college for air traffic and worked for US Airways in Pittsburgh before working as a medical helicopter dispatcher. Then went on to become an air traffic controller before going to work in his current role as the Museum Program Rep for the EAA Aviation Museum.
For more information about the Experimental Aircraft Association, check out their site.



Cliff just arrived at 1635 Palm Terrace. Peevy is inside the house with the rocket pack and schematics. Lothar just opened the side door.

Peevy, ball peen hammer in hand, glances over at the rocket pack.

Cliff, climbing the front steps, hears breaking glass.

“What do you want?” yells Peevy at an unseen visitor, “What are you doing here? Get out of here!”

Cliff lunges at the side door, but it’s locked. “Peevy!” yells Cliff.

Inside, Peevy throws the hammer at Lothar, but Lothar ducks and it misses him.

“Cliff!” yells Peevy, “Get me out!” Peevy grabs an aircraft trophy from the mantel, and throws it at Lothar, hitting the giant squarely on the nose. Lothar rubs his nose but keeps coming toward Peevy.

“Peevy!” yells Cliff again,  shoving his weight against the door. Inside the house, Lothar glances at the door.

Outside, Cliff makes a running charge at the door, shoulder-first, but Lothar opens the door and Cliff sprawls across the living room floor.  Peevy jumps on Lothar’s back and throws his arms around Lothar’s neck. Lothar grunts, and grabs Peevy by the arms.

Meanwhile, several FBI cars pull up to the house, one of them knocking over the 1635 mailbox.

Inside, Peevy is struggling to maintain a grip on Lothar’s neck. Lothar spins around, throwing Peevy into an armchair that overturns.

Another FBI car arrives outside, knocking over a dark picket fence. Wooly and Fitch, weapons drawn, advance toward the house. Several other FBI agents have also drawn their weapons.

“Murphy!” yells Wooly, “Go with us!” Wooly ascends the steps to the front door. “Murph,” he says to the other agent, “wait here for the high sign.”

Meanwhile, inside the house, Lothar has picked up Cliff and is banging Cliff’s head through the ceiling.

“WHERE IS IT?” asks Lothar.

Fitch and Wooly stand on either side of the front door. Murphy stands between them facing the door.

“Where’s what?” asks Cliff. Lothar shoves Cliff’s head through the ceiling again.

“THE ROCKET!” says Lothar. Cliff glances around the room, and notices the rocket pack untidily hidden under a macramé lampshade.

“Sure you got the right house?” asks Cliff.

Suddenly, all the FBI agents’ cars turn on their headlights.

“Secord!” yells Wooly.

“HUH?” says Lothar, turning toward the blinding headlights through the front windows.
In This Minute
Ed Lauter as Fitch
James Handy as Wooly
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Tiny Ron as Lothar
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Dick Warlock as FBI Agent Murphy



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