The Rocketeer,

Minute 085: Morgen Die Welt

August 18, 2017

Guest Host: Billy Campbell

Best known for his television roles as Rick Sammler on Once and Again, as Det. Joey Indelli on Crime Story, as Jordan Collier on The 4400, and as Dr. Jon Fielding on the Tales of the City miniseries. He is also known for his recurring role as Luke Fuller in Dynasty which was his first prominent role. His most notable films include Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Enough. He portrayed Darren Richmond on the AMC television series The Killing, and played Dr. Alan Farragut in the SyFy series Helix.

And he was the title character in a little film called The Rocketeer.

Special Guest: Anton Campbell

Anton is Billy Campbell’s son and Technical Director for some of his podcast appearances. In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his Dad and watching the BBC’s Sarah and Duck.


At Hughes Aircraft, Howard Hughes is screening a German animated film for Cliff and Peevy in his office.

Cliff watches in shock as the US flag is replaced by a Nazi flag. The

The symbolic American Bald Eagle goes up in flames, replaced by the swastika and the German eagle. The camera centers on the swastika as the words “HEUTE EUROPA, MORGEN DIE WELT” (“Today Europe, Tomorrow the World”) appears on the screen. The film ends with threatening musical accompaniment.

Cliff is speechless. Hughes turns on the office lights, folds his arms, and walks up to Clifford.

“Where’s my rocket pack, Secord?” asks Hughes. Cliff looks at Hughes and the FBI agents.

“You’ve got to let me use it one more time,” replies Cliff.

“I’m tired of square dancing with you kid,” says Fitch. “I could slap you with grand theft, treason, espionage — and that’s just my short list! Wooly, give me the cuffs.” Wooly hands Fitch the cuffs.

“Nah,” pleads Cliff, “They got my girl!”

“Oh God, Cliff, no!” says Peevy.

“Yeah, they set up a rendezvous – – they want to swap Jenny for the rocket,” says Cliff.

“Look, kid, I understand how you feel,” says Howard, “but you’ve got to handle this.”

“I gotta go alone, or they’re gonna kill her!” says Cliff. He turns to Hughes. “I’ll give your rocket back — tomorrow, I swear.”

“Hey,” says Wooly, “this ain’t negotiation – – those guys are playing for keeps!”

In This Minute

Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Ed Lauter as FBI Agent Fitch
James Handy as FBI Agent Woolanski
Terry O’Quinn as Howard Hughes
Alan Arkin as Peevy



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