The Rocketeer,

Minute 102: That was a Nice Car

September 12, 2017



In their usual booth inside the diner, Peevy reads the morning paper to Jenny and Cliff.

“Neville Sinclair was killed in the tragedy when flaming debris fell on his touring car, ” says Peevy. “That’s terrible. That was a nice car.”

“You look awful blue,” says Jenny to Cliff, “for a guy who pretty much saved the world.” Cliff laughs.

“Yeah,” says Cliff, “Well, I guess I got the cracked ribs to prove it.”

Jenny sighs. “You got me, ” she replies. Cliff kisses her on the cheek.

Peevy smiles, and goes back to reading his paper. He’s interrupted by the sound of an aircraft engine outside the Bulldog Cafe.

Cliff leaps up and walks out the front door of the Cafe.  On the street outside the Cafe, a man in a business suit is marshaling a GeeBee Model R with the number 5 on the wing and a tail number of NA73 to a halt.

Howard Hughes is at the controls. He opens the canopy as Cliff steps closer, with Jenny standing next to him.

“She’s a beauty, Mister Hughes, ” says Cliff.

“Isn’t she?” agrees Hughes. He removes his flight goggles. “Another month, she’ll be ready for the Nationals.” Howard hops out of the cockpit and turns to Jenny. “Miss Blake,” says Hughes, “Would you excuse us for just a -”

In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Terry O’Quinn as Howard Hughes
Margo Martindale as Millie
William Sanderson as Skeets
Don Pugsley as Goose



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