Every Pilot Knows Who You Are, Mister Hughes.

About Us

Hal Bryan

Natural-Born Stick & Rudder Man

Hal Bryan is a total aviation and pop culture nerd. Seriously: growing up, his back yard was a runway. Way up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (home of the world’s largest aviation event every year),  he’s also senior editor for the Experimental Aircraft Association’s digital and print content and publications, co-author of two books, and a lifelong pilot and aviation geek. And yes, he does have his own Rocketeer helmet.

Jim O'Kane

Rocket Scientist / Internet Meme

Fresh off the strangely compelling Airport Minute Podcast Jim has spent too many hours trying to get your attention on the web. Author of the pioneering TVDads.com website, as well as the popular Bureau of Astonishing Explanations video productions,  Jim’s decided it’s easier to talk or make videos than to type — hence all this podcasting stuff. He’s already been turned down for an interview with Jacqueline Bisset, and eagerly looks forward to the almost inevitable cease-and-desist call from Jennifer Connelly. A boy can dream.

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