The Rocketeer,

Minute 006: Careful What You Wish For

May 01, 2017


FBI Agents Wooly and Fitch are chasing a getaway car driven by Wilmer, while Lenny shoots at them with a machine gun from the getaway car’s rumble seat. An LAPD patrol car is between the FBI agents and the getaway car.

“I wish that black-and-white would get out of the way!” shouts Fitch, as he tries to aim at Lenny.  Lenny shoots the tire of the LAPD car, which blows out, putting the car into a ditch.

With no obstructions now, Lenny begins firing directly at the FBI car directly behind. Four huge bullet holes appear in the FBI car’s windshield.

“Be careful what you wish for!” shouts Wooly. Fitch fires two shots at the getaway car.

Wilmer, in the driver’s seat of the getaway car, ducks as he’s driving. His cap gets shot off, and he ducks lower. Looking in the rear-view mirror, the mirror suddenly splinters as one of Fitch’s bullets strikes.

The mysterious case with “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” on it continues to bounce on the passenger seat.

Wilmer turns off the road from Encino, misses the turn for Van Nuys, and winds up driving across a bean field.  The FBI agents follow close behind.

Just then, Cliff in the Gee Bee clears the tree line next to the bean field. He notices the activity of the two cars below him.

Lenny, in the rumble seat, notices the Gee Bee and aims at it with his machine gun.  He fires at the plane as it passes, striking the engine cowling. The engine noise suddenly becomes erratic.

Cliff looks down at the yellow control stick, and tries to fight the erratic motion of the aircraft.  The Gee Bee rolls left and right. A plume of blue smoke trails the aircraft as it loses altitude.

Meanwhile, the getaway car and the FBI vehicle continue their chase on the road to Chaplin Field. Lenny continues to fire wildly at the FBI pursuers.

Back in the sky, the Gee Bee is spewing oil all over the cowling and canopy. Engine noise is down to an idle.

On the ground, the car chase continues. Wooly is having a difficult time driving, as the windshield is almost completely destroyed by bullet holes.

“This is the third car in a month,” says Fitch. “Hoover’s gonna be spitting nails!”

“Ah, the heck with Hoover!” replies Wooly.

Overhead, the situation is deteriorating for the Gee Bee.  Thick blue plumes of smoke are pouring from the engine, and oil is completely obstructing Cliff’s view through the canopy.

In This Minute

Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Tommy J. Huff as Lenny
Max Grodénchik as Wilmer
Ed Lauter as Fitch
James Handy as Wooly



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