The Rocketeer,

Minute 007: Something Ain’t Right

May 02, 2017


Cliff punches a hole through his oil coated canopy. He suddenly sees what looks like an oncoming biplane, but it’s only the top of a billboard advertising Neville Chinclair in “Wings of Honor,” produced by Lawrence Franco and directed by Volmar Fidgge.

Secord does his best to wipe the grime off his goggles as he heads for the runway at Chaplin Field.

Meanwhile, Lenny continues to shoot at the FBI agents while Wilmer drives the getaway car. Wilmer turns off the road into a wooded stretch of land. Wooly turns sharply to the right, attempting to drive ahead of them. Fitch leans across Wooly, attempting to shoot through Wooly’s open window.

“There he is!” shouts Fitch. Wooly pushes Fitch away.

“Get out of the way!” yells Wooly. “I can’t see!”

“Keep driving!” shouts Fitch.  The FBI car swerves between trees.

“Get off me!” shouts Wooly.

“You’re ruining my shot!” replies Fitch, as Wooly struggles to steer the car. Wooly drives the car between to trees, trapping the vehicle and its passengers inside.

Meanwhile, Wilmer drives his getaway car through a wooden fence.

Overhead, Cliff struggles with the Gee Bee.

Wilmer, now on the Chaplin Field property, aims his car at one of the empty hangars.

Above, Cliff checks his instruments. The temperature gauge shows his engine is above 105° C. The engine begins to stutter.

Now entering Cliff and Peevy’s hangar, Wilmer drives his car past the JN-1 biplane, the “The Fearless Freep.” Screeching to a halt, Wilmer grabs the case from the passenger side and exits the vehicle.

“Let’s go, Lenny!” says Wilmer, shutting the car door. “We can’t get caught with–” Lenny looks in the rumble seat, only to find Lenny’s inert body.

“Lousy feds,” says Wilmer.  He hears an approaching vehicle, and sees that the FBI car is still pursuing him. Wilmer glances around, and spots an Hoover cannister vacuum cleaner.

Meanwhile, Cliff is desperately trying to line up on final approach to the runway. The engine is throttling wildly.  Malcolm, Goose, Skeets, Peevy, and another mechanic rise from the bleacher stands. All look concerned.

“Something ain’t right,” says Peevy.

Cliff continues to wrestle the plane into a controlled descent.

Meanwhile, Wilmer attempts to cram the Hoover into the case. He removes the hose and closes the case tight.

In This Minute

William Sanderson as Skeets
Don Pugsley as Goose
Eddie Jones as Malcolm
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Tommy J. Huff as Lenny
Max Grodénchik as Wilmer
Ed Lauter as Fitch
James Handy as Wooly



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