The Rocketeer,

Minute 010: Blown to Hell

May 05, 2017

Guest: Billy Campbell

Best known for his television roles as Rick Sammler on Once and Again, as Det. Joey Indelli on Crime Story, as Jordan Collier on The 4400, and as Dr. Jon Fielding on the Tales of the City miniseries. He is also known for his recurring role as Luke Fuller in Dynasty which was his first prominent role. His most notable films include Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Enough. He portrayed Darren Richmond on the AMC television series The Killing, and played Dr. Alan Farragut in the SyFy series Helix.

And he was the title character in a little film called The Rocketeer.


Wooly and Fitch walk over to the ambulance, where two orderlies are strapping Wilmer into a gurney.

“We need a word with the patient — in private,” says Wooly. The orderlies move away.  The FBI agents kneel down next to a heavily bandaged Wilmer, who is wincing in pain.

“Your buddy’s getting fitted for a pine overcoat,” says Fitch. “You make it to County General, Alcatraz is your new digs. Spit it out, Wilmer: where’s the package?”

Wilmer winces, then smiles. “Blown to hell,” he says. “Why don’t you go look for it?” Wilmer laughs.

“Get him out of here,” says Fitch, as Wilmer continues to laugh.

One of the other agents calls to Fitch. The agent pulls a steaming, twisted cannister (the now unrecognizable Hoover vacuum cleaner) out of the rumble seat. “Hey Fitch!” says the agent, “Take a look at this!”

Wooly whistles as he stares at the ruined cannister, now placed on a gray blanket. “Hey,” says Wooly, “that must be the gizmo alright.”

“Okay,” says Fitch, “button it up.” Fitch pops a nickel into the air at Wooly. “Call him, Wooly,” says Fitch.

“Aw,” says Wooly, “Why me? I called him last time!”

Fitch makes a face at Wooly. “But he likes you!” says Fitch.  Wooly groans. Fitch smiles. The other agent wraps the cannister in the gray blanket.

The scene shifts to the all-white interior of Hughes Aircraft’s experimental aircraft hangar. The Hughes H-1 monoplane and a Pitcairn autogyro are parked on the hangar floor. Men in white lab coats pore over blueprints at a large drafting table, while another engineer examines a hanging large-scale model of what will someday be the Spruce Goose.

The camera pulls back, revealing that the view is through an large office window overlooking the work area. A man’s voice is heard.

“There’s no mistake about that, Wooly?” asks the man. “I see. Well, it was damned sloppy!”

In This Minute
Max Grodénchik as Wilmer
Ed Lauter as Fitch
James Handy as Wooly
Terry O’Quinn as Howard Hughes



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