The Rocketeer,

Minute 013: Lousy Nickel Nurser

May 10, 2017

Guest Host: Pete Mumert

Pete Mummert is a co-host of the Indiana Jones Minute podcast, a show that the AV Club once hailed as “not nearly as tedious as a thing like this could potentially be.” He lives with his wife and two cats in San Francisco, a town in which the term “lousy nickel nurser” only rarely enters casual conversations.


Bigelow tells Cliff and Peevy  that they owe him for the destroyed gas truck and 300 gallons of fuel.  They can pay it back, for $5 per show, by doing their flying circus clown act.

“Think it over, boys,” says Bigelow as he leaves the hangar. “See it my way, or see me in court. Ah, the clown suit is in the storeroom — first show’s at nine. Don’t be late!” He gets in his car and leaves.

Cliff shakes his head. “Lousy nickel nurser.”  They both turn and look at the dusty old Miss Maple, a shabby JN-1 biplane.

“Clown act — good thinking, Clifford,” says Peevy, sarcastically. “You just set us back about four years. Plus which, Miss Maple is a flying coffin, you said so yourself.”

“Peevy, she never let us down before,” replies Cliff, climbing up to Miss Maple’s open cockpit. “Besides, I’ll go real easy on her.”

“Number Five piston is shot,” says Peevy, shaking his head. “Nothing left of her but spit and baling wire.”

Cliff reaches into his pocket and puts the picture of Jenny he rescued from the Gee Bee onto Miss Maple’s instrument panel. “I could fly a shoebox if it had wings,” says Cliff. He leaps into the cockpit and yells in pain and surprise.

“What?” asks Peevy. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know,” says Cliff, “there’s something under the seat.” Cliff climbs out and reaches under the cane-lined pilot seat. He pulls out a large canvas package.

“That’s my duffel bag!” says Peevy. “What’d you got in there?”

“I don’t know,” says Cliff, “but it’s heavy.” Cliff climbs down with the package in his arms. “Here, Peev — clean that table off,” he says, gesturing to a nearby workbench with his head.

“Alright,” says Peevy, moving equipment off the workbench. Cliff sets the canvas bag with the word “PEABODY” stenciled on the side of it down on the table.

In This Minute

Alan Arkin as Peevy
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Jon Polito as Bigelow



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