The Rocketeer,

Minute 020: Halfway to Kansas

May 19, 2017

Guest Host: Comic Book Alex

Alex Robinson is the co-host of the STAR WARS MINUTE podcast. In his spare time he enjoys watching TV, quietly staring off into space and being an award-winning cartoonist.


In a trench in the bean field, Peevy and Cliff are watching Lucky Lindy’s statue with the rocket pack attached as it orbits the metal stake hammered into the ground by Cliff.

“– but I don’t believe it,” says Peevy, smiling. Cliff laughs.

The circle of  Lindy’s flight path is getting wider. Cliff suddenly notices the stake is coming up out of the ground with every orbit of the statue.   “Peevy!” says Cliff, “the stake!” Peevy grabs Cliff as Cliff tries to run for the loosening pipe.

“No, no! Get down!” says Peevy, “that thing will cut you in half!” The stake makes one more turn and then becomes completely loose. The statue and backpack rockets up into the night sky. Cliff and Peevy watch it fade into a tiny dot among the stars.  They stand up in the bean field, still looking at the night sky.

“We’ve lost it,” says Cliff to Peevy. “I’ve told you I should have tested it myself.”

Peevy laughs. “Haha, yeah – – you’d be halfway to Kansas by now, you chowderhead!”

Unnoticed by Cliff and Peevy, the rocket-equipped statue drops behind them  and heads toward where they’re standing. Peevy finally notices, and he and Peevy  start running away from the oncoming rocket. They both lunge through the beanfield, narrowly avoiding the rocket as it plows a new trench across the field. The rocket bounces along a furrow until it buries itself in a dirt mound.

“Turn it off! Turn it off!” yells Peevy.  Cliff runs to to press the power button on the sleeve of the rocket garment.

In This Minute

Alan Arkin as Peevy
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord



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