The Rocketeer,

Minute 025: Where Is It?

May 26, 2017


A heavily-bandaged Wilmer is sleeping in a hospital bed at County General. A large, shadowy figure has just entered through the open windows. The figure puts his ear to the closed hospital door to find out what’s going on in the hallway.

Outside, in the hallway, a hospital guard and a nurse are supposed to be guarding Wilmer, but they’re listening to a radio program instead. The nurse sips from a coffee cup. They both laugh at a joke from the radio show.

Back in the darkened hospital room, the shadowy figure shoves a wooden chair under the doorknob, jamming the door locked to the people in hallway. The shadowy figure looms over Wilmer and strikes a match using Wilmer’s plaster neck brace. The match sputters into flame, illuminating Wilmer’s face. The shadowy figure is now seen to be Lothar, the henchman Sinclair called earlier. He holds the lit match higher, then blows it out.

Wilmer remains asleep.  Lothar grabs one of the pulleys attached to Wilmer’s leg and tugs repeatedly. Wilmer moans, then opens his eyes.

Wilmer sees a blurry figure that slowly resolves into the hideous face of Lothar. “Who’s there? Who is it?” asks Wilmer.

Wilmer gasps when his eyes are able to focus on Lothar’s face. “What do you want?” asks Wilmer.

“Where is it?” asks Lothar.

“Where’s what?” asks Wilmer.

“THE ROCKET,” replies Lothar, leaning on Wilmer’s chest. Wilmer winces.

“I don’t answer to nobody but Eddie Valentine,” says Wilmer. Lothar gets annoyed and starts lifting Wilmer out of his braces.

“Okay!” says Wilmer, “Okay! Okay! Ease off! Ease off!”


In This Minute

Max Grodénchik as Wilmer
Tiny Ron as Lothar
Kim Sebastian as Nurse
David Pressman as Hospital Guard



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