The Rocketeer,

Minute 032: He has Got to be Kidding

June 06, 2017

Guest Host: Jamie Hicks

Jamie writes: “I’m married to Lianne and have two boys, Jake and William, and live in the UK. I’m a life long Rocketeer fan and movie nerd. I’ve been building my own rocketpack for 4 years, much to the despair of my long suffering wife.”


Cliff picks up the golden helmet Peevy has made, and examines it.

“He has got to be kidding,” says Cliff.

The scene shifts to a medieval castle. A sword fight is in progress.  Swashbuckling music plays. One of the two men fighting is masked, and  is chasing another man up a flight of stairs. The masked man chasing the other man traps him against a wall, with the point of his broadsword.

“What?” says the cornered man, “Kill me as I stand? I thought you were a sporting man!”

“True!” says the masked man. “I’d hate to stain my legend on a villain such as you.” He uses the tip of his sword to pluck a rose from the cornered man’s lapel. The rose flies through the air, and into the hands of a blonde maiden. The masked man blows the woman a kiss, then kicks a sword from the ground into the hands of the cornered man. The sword fight resumes as the two ascend the winding stairway.  The once cornered man gains the high ground and traps the masked man’s sword with his own sword.

“Prepare to die so that we may learn the identity of The Laughing Bandit!” says the once-cornered man.

The masked man shoves him away and smiles. “Why wait?” he asks.  He removes his own mask with one hand, and his opponent gasps.

A man standing next to the blonde maiden also gasps. “Good heavens!” he says. “It’s Sir Reginald!”

“None other!” announces Sir Reginald, and promptly runs his opponent through with his broadsword. The opponent falls off the spiral stair.

Sir Reginald unties a rope from a nearby cleat and uses the rope  to swing to a nearby dining table. He picks up a silver chalice.

In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair / Sir Reginald
Julian Barnes as Charlie / Sir Reginald’s Opponent
Lisa Pedersen as Noblewoman
Peter Bromilow as Nobelman



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