The Rocketeer,

Minute 033: Acting Like You’re Not Acting

June 07, 2017

Guest Host: Lisa Pedersen

Besides being an audience favorite in The Rocketeer, Lisa has been an artist her entire life, and began painting professionally at the encouragement of friend and fellow painter John Brosio. Using water based oil paint, Lisa paints landscapes, architecture and cityscapes up and down the Central Coast of California. Aside from painting, Lisa indulges her artistic and creative energies through other forms of design. After graduating from USC, Lisa went on to UCLA to study architectural and interior design.

Visit Lisa’s art gallery, here.



Neville Sinclair, as Sir Reginald, lifts a silver chalice to toast a young, blonde maiden.

“Oh my Prince!” says the maiden in an overly emotive voice, “Would that you drink of my lips as deeply!”

Sinclair’s face freezes as he hears the awful line reading. The stirring music grinds to a halt. “CUT! CUT!” yells a director. The castle is revealed to be a Hollywood sound stage. “Back to first position!” says Victor, the director.

Sir Reginald’s opponent, an actor named Charlie, walks over to the director. “Oh, good Lord, Victor!” says an exasperated Charlie,   “How many times are we going to have to do this?”

Victor takes the maiden with the bad line reading aside. “Sweetheart,” says Victor, “Acting is acting… like you’re not acting! So, act – – but don’t act like you’re acting! Get it? ”

“Alright,” says the maiden, returning to her original position on stage.

“Why don’t we try that?” says the director, continuing to walk with her. The maiden and the director pass by two background actors, Jenny and her roommate Irma.  They’re also wearing medieval clothes.

“Boy, oh boy – is she a block of wood!” says Irma, shaking her head. “You know, your audition was so much better.”

“Irma,” says Jenny, “everybody’s audition was better. Does it matter when you’re the producer’s niece?”

“So she gets to play a scene with Neville Sinclair, and we get to play scenery!” says Irma. “I love Hollywood!” Jenny smiles.

“Alright everybody!” says the director, “Positions! And please, let’s try to get it right this time!” A bell rings, and someone yells “Quiet on the set!”

A man holds a clapboard with “The Laughing Bandit, Scene 114, Take 28, Sound Sync, Director Berg, Cameraman Carlson, Date Oct 15, INT X” written on it. He says, “Laughing Bandit, Scene One Fourteen, Take Twenty Eight” and slates the sound with the clapper.

“Aaand… ACTION!” says the director.

Meanwhile, Cliff slips into the soundstage just as the large door is closing. A medieval archer passes by him as the sound playback resumes from the top of the scene. Cliff looks at the stage flats, trying to figure out how to find Jenny.

In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair / Sir Reginald
Julian Barnes as Charlie / Sir Reginald’s Opponent
Lisa Pedersen as Noblewoman
Peter Bromilow as Nobelman
Sam Vincent as Director Victor
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny
Nada Despotovich as Irma
Tom Kindle as Clapper Boy



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