The Rocketeer,

Minute 034: Looking for Jenny Blake

June 08, 2017

Guest Host: Lisa Pedersen

Besides being an audience favorite in The Rocketeer, Lisa has been an artist her entire life, and began painting professionally at the encouragement of friend and fellow painter John Brosio. Using water based oil paint, Lisa paints landscapes, architecture and cityscapes up and down the Central Coast of California. Aside from painting, Lisa indulges her artistic and creative energies through other forms of design. After graduating from USC, Lisa went on to UCLA to study architectural and interior design.

Visit Lisa’s art gallery, here.


As the cast of The Laughing Bandit gets underway with Take 28 of  Scene 114, Cliff wanders behind the scene’s wall flats. The voices of the actors fill the soundstage, while the playback music continues.

“What?” says the Sir Reginald’s opponent, “Kill me as I stand? I thought you were a sporting man!” Cliff walks past a stagehand, and slides between several flats.

“True!” says the Laughing Bandit. “I’d hate to stain my legend on a villain such as you.”

“Prepare to die so that we may learn the identity of The Laughing Bandit!” says  Charlie, off-screen.

“Why wait?” asks Neville Sinclair.

“Good heavens!” says the nobleman. “It’s Sir Reginald!” Cliff tries to get a look at the action through a space between the many flats.

“None other!” announces Sinclair as Sir Reginald, Cliff finds another space in between the wall flats.

On set, Neville is once again atop of the dining table, hoisting a chalice to the blonde maiden.

“O, my Prince,” says the maiden now with a more nuanced inflection, “Would that you drink of my lips as deeply!”

Victor, the director, has an ear-to-ear smile over this delivery.

Neville, happy with the new line reading, smiles and toasts the maiden. He jumps down from the table to return to the swordplay.

Meanwhile, Cliff has accidentally leaned too heavily on the unsupported flat, which slowly falls toward the actors on the other side of the wall. The flat narrowly avoids hitting Sinclair, who barely escapes by taking refuge under another table. The playback stops, the crew is telling the gaffers to “save the lights!” and the director stands up.

Cliff sheepishly asks, “Excuse me – – I’m – I’m looking for Jenny Blake?”

The director, exasperated, says, “Jenny? Oh — Jenny Blake? Does anyone know a Jenny Blake?”

Jenny, embarrassed, quietly raises her hand to the director as she crosses over to where Cliff is standing.


In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair / Sir Reginald
Julian Barnes as Charlie / Sir Reginald’s Opponent
Lisa Pedersen as Noblewoman
Peter Bromilow as Nobelman
Sam Vincent as Director Victor
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny
Nada Despotovich as Irma
Tom Kindle as Clapper Boy



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