The Rocketeer,

Minute 035: Charlie’s Been Stabbed

June 09, 2017

Guest Host: Ethan McKinley

British Actor/Comedian, Ethan McKinley, is not just a Dyslexic, savant-genius. No! He’s also the Creator and Host of the Podcasts ‘QUESTIONABLE’ and ‘2 MINUTE TERMINATOR’!

First out of the ‘Minute Show’ gate after STAR WARS MINUTE, Ethan’s Terminator based minute show is now in its 5th season!

Along with his Co-Host, ‘Foul Mouthed Supermodel’ Ellie Fitzgerald, these guys are now dismantling the latest movie in the franchise, Terminator Genisys. The irreverent, funny take one the minute show format sets it apart from others in the ‘Minute’ show family and as it rolls past episode 300. There is much fun fun to be had with these guys. Heck, there’s even a YouTube, IN-VIDEO COMMENTARY version of every episode, every day as they talk over the 2 Minutes of Terminator in question (An exclusive, Minute Podcast fans!) Check ‘Em Out!

Ethan’s other show, ‘QUESTIONABLE’ sees Ethan talk to a wacky range of Celebrities, Authors and Porn Stars from around the world!!! It’s an eclectic mix, to be sure, but each show gives you a great look into the lives and work of pretty interesting folks!

When not podcasting, Ethan has worked extensively on UK television and film and in the new year, begins work on the the sequel to the 2014 film he appeared in, ‘ARTHUR & MERLIN: The Legend Begins, It’s ‘ARTHUR & MERLIN: Fire Of Balor’ is coming in 2017!


Jenny, embarrassed, quietly raises her hand to the director as she crosses the sound stage floor over to where Cliff is standing.

Victor, trying to cope with the idea they’re about to do Take 29, whispers, “Cut.” A bell rings.  Jenny leads Cliff off the set.

Meanwhile, several stagehands help Neville up from under the fallen flat. “Are you okay, Mister Sinclair?” asks one of the stagehands.

“It’s alright,” says Sinclair. “I’m fine.” He stands up. “Well, never let it be said that Neville Sinclair failed to bring down the house!” The cast and crew laugh.

John, the assistant director, kneels by someone sprawled on the floor. “Someone call a nurse – – Charlie’s been stabbed!” says the assistant director. The cast and crew rushes closer to the prone Charlie.

“Charlie!” shouts Neville. The actor on the floor was the same actor engaged in the sword fight with Sinclair a moment earlier. Sinclair kneels. “Charlie – – oh my God, forgive me, Charlie. I – I had no idea.”

“Did you think,” stammers Charlie, “I was.. s-s-stealing the scene?”

“Don’t talk,” smiles Neville. “Don’t even move. ” He turns to the assistant director. “John,  uh, get my car and driver. Get him to the Queen of Angels.” The script supervisor steps forward. “Gladys,” he says to her, ” You ride with him. I’ll have my personal physician meet you there.” Gladys says, “Yes,” and hurries away.

“Victor,” says Sinclair to the director, “Come here.” Charlie is carried away on a stretcher.

“This is supposed to be a closed set,” says Sinclair to Victor, “No visitors! I want that — that ‘Jenny’ banned from the lot!” Victor nods and then smiles with exasperation.

Meanwhile, Cliff is following Jenny through one of the corridors of the sound stage.

“Jenny, Jenny – – I said I’m sorry,” says Cliff. “Look, I just want to patch things up!”

“You’re off to a great start, ” says Jenny, sarcastically.

“Look, Jenny,” begins Cliff. “Something – ”

In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair / Sir Reginald
Julian Barnes as Charlie / Sir Reginald’s Opponent
Lisa Pedersen as Noblewoman
Peter Bromilow as Nobelman
Sam Vincent as Director Victor
Charles Stavola as Assistant Director John
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny
Tom Kindle as Clapper Boy



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