The Rocketeer,

Minute 039: From Hell to Breakfast

June 15, 2017

Guest Host: Craig Hosking

Craig Hosking‘s entrance into live action commercials and features came through his expertise as an accomplished pilot. Qualified to fly just about any aircraft, Craig has been the “go to” guy on most of Hollywood’s top features and commercials. He has worked on more than 150 Features and over 200 Commercials. Because he understands, light, composition and how to move the camera, particularly in the 3rd dimension, his skills as a camera pilot have become legendary. The natural transition has been into the world of Second Unit Directing. He has independently created action sequences as well as artistically beautiful images on The Aviator, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones 4, Clear and Present Danger, Jurassic Park 3, Executive Decision, Miami Vice, Space Cowboys, Alaska, The General’s Daughter, Sum of All Fears and many others.


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The air show is underway at Chaplin Field. Malcolm and Patsy are selling souvenir programs.

“Malcolm!” says Patsy, “I sold seven!” She hands the change over to Malcolm.

“Oh good!” says Malcolm, “Here you are, honey – – some more.” Malcolm hands a sheaf of souvenir programs to her and Patsy runs off.  He returns to his banter, “Programs! Programs!”

Another lap of planes circle the field. “As you can see, folks,” says the announcer, “Miss Los Angeles is trailing badly. She was down this morning with some mechanical problems. And she may be in trouble.”

Bigelow signs off on another truck load of fuel. He looks at the driver and says, “Park it AWAY from the runway!”

Peevy walks by. Bigelow walks with him. “Hey, what’s wrong with that kid?” asks Bigelow, “I told him nine o’clock!”

“He’ll be here,” replies Peevy.

“If he ain’t in the air in five minutes,” says Bigelow, “you guys find a new hangar!” They walk past Malcolm, who overhears the entire conversation. Malcolm pauses.

“Bernie Howard in the red Great Lakes biplane is really pouring it on now,” says the announcer, “running third, but he’s moving!”

Malcolm looks across the field to the empty Miss Mabel.

“This could end up a three-way heat!” says the announcer.

Meanwhile, Eddie Valentine’s boys are searching for the rocket. They all are walking along the base of the viewing stands.

“I know what Wilmer told Sinclair’s goon, but the rocket ain’t in hangar three, ” says Spanish Johnny to Eddie.

“There’s an old plane in there, alright,” sayd Mike, “but the only thing in it was this.” he holds up Jenny’s “Lady Luck” picture.

“Nice,” says Eddie, looking at the picture. “That’s it?”

“We searched this place from hell to breakfast, ” says Spanish Johnny, exasperated. Eddie looks at him.

“I want you to search it again,” says Eddie. “Start over. Turn it inside out and upside down. ” He holds out Jenny’s picture to the other men in his group. “And I want you to keep an eye out for this dame. She might be the one who knows where this guy is who found our package. Alright?”

“Okay, Eddie,” replies Spanish Johnny. He turns to the other men. “You heard Mister Valentine – – let’s go.”

Moments later, Cliff rides up on his motorcycle, and notices someone else is flying Miss Mabel.

In This Minute

(Producer) Larry Franco as Air Show Announcer
Eddie Jones as Malcolm
America Martin as Patsy
Jon Polito as Bigelow
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Robert Miranda as Spanish Johnny
Daniel O’Shea as Mike
Paul DeSouza as Pauly
Michael Milhoan as Jeff
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord



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