The Rocketeer,

Minute 041: All Part of the Show

June 19, 2017

Guest Host: Dennis Dunbar

Dennis Dunbar is the Director of AirVenture Airshow Operations in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He’s also the Chair and Event Organizer of the Safety & Operations Committee for the International Council of Air Shows. ICAS was founded in 1967 as a trade and professional association by industry professionals to protect and promote their interests in the growing North American air show marketplace. At the time, this small group of air show event organizers and performers recognized the need for standardization of industry practices in key areas such as safety and business practices that could only be achieved collectively. They knew that — for such standardization to occur — the industry needed to act and speak with a single voice and that voice was established in ICAS.

For more information about EAA’s AirVenture Air Show, check out their site.


Malcolm has both his hands tightly wrapped around the control stick of the Jenny. The airspeed is down to 77. The plane has leveled off but is still heading for the oncoming air racers.

Back in the stands, Cliff looks at Peevy, while Peevy is still looking up at the sky toward Miss Mable.

“Rocket’s in the tool chest, right?” asks Cliff.

“Yeah,” says Peevy. Cliff leaves, as Peevy turns toward him. “Why?” asks Peevy.

Malcolm’s plane starts spewing smoke as the engine runs barely over idle. The four oncoming racers peel away as he approuaches.

Cliff is at a full run across the airfield to the Bielow hangar.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” shouts the announcer, “we have an emergency! We have an emergency! Please clear the field! Please clear the  f-” The announcer is interrupt by Bigelow, who covers the announcer’s microphone with a hat.

“What are you, out of your mind?” Bigelow says to the announcer, and then picks up the microphone to address the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen — well, I guess we had you fooled there for a minute — but it’s all part of the show!”

Peevy pushes his way through the crowd to get back to Cliff at the hangar. A newsreel photographer films Malcolm’s low pass with his camera. One of the airfield flaggers waves a red flag at Malcolm to land. Malcolm barely misses the grandstand tower and knocks the end off one of the flagpoles.

“Stay in your seats, please!” says Bigelow, in a reassuring voice.

Back in the hangar, Cliff’s new helmet sits on a table.  Behind it, Peevy rushes into the hangar. Cliff is wearing the rocket pack and is sliding on the gloves.

“What are you doing?” asks Peevy.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” replies Cliff. “Come on, give me a hand.”

“No, Cliff! No!” says Peevy. “For God’s sake. we haven’t tested in enough! Look what she did to Lucky Lindy!”

“Peevy, cut it out! Cut it out!” says Cliff. “I’m scared enough as it is!” Outside, the crowd screams in terror as Malcolm flies by. Cliff walks to the far entrance to the hangar as Peevy follows.

“Okay, listen, “says Peevy. “I’ve reworked the throttle, so just squeeze her, like a gas pedal. And if you want to stop-”

In This Minute

Unknown as Air Show Announcer
Eddie Jones as Malcolm
Jon Polito as Bigelow
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord



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