The Rocketeer,

Minute 044: Hold the Front Page!

June 22, 2017

Guest Host: Ryan Johnson

Ryan C. Johnson, Owner & Director of NewRule FX Props, is a videographer, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He has spent more than 25 years in the media business producing TV programs, informational video programs, TV commercials and independent features. To date, he has received 14 industry awards for excellence and distinction in production.

Ryan created New Rule Productions in 1991 and has been involved with TV and video production since a very early age. His work has been seen on national television shows, regional and local TV commercials, in the corporate world as well as home entertainment projects. Ryan was the Creator, Executive Producer and Director of the American Dragster TV series on ESPN.

NewRuleFX and the SMASHProps line of breakaway props is one of Ryan’s more recent ventures, that was born out of his love of building, creating and inventing. Throughout his career in the TV and film industry, Ryan has fabricated and built many types of effects and props for countless productions. When not on the set, you can find him in the shop doing many strange things, with many strange objects, trying to create the next prop or effect for the site.

In his time away from prop and film/video production, Ryan enjoys being a Dad to his beautiful new daughter, playing the drums and keyboards, renovating his Lamborghini Countach, working with composites and plastics, SCUBA diving and traveling with his beautiful wife Sarah. Ryan has a passion for creativity and learning which has allowed him to build a successful business from his creative ambitions.

Visit Ryan’s amazing prop shop site at


Miss Mabel is plunging toward the aviation fuel truck on the ground. Cliff has his arms wrapped around Malcolm in the cockpit, desperately trying to pull him out of the plane.  “Get up!” yells Cliff. Cliff squeezes the buttons on his gloves. The rocket pack ignites, lifting Cliff and Malcolm away from Miss Mabel. The plane nose-dives into the fuel truck, sending a huge fireball into the sky.

“Oh, it’s… all part of the show,” says Bigelow half-heartedly, as he watches another load of fuel burn away in seconds. He puts the PA microphone down and starts running.

On the ground, a half-inflated balloon is surrounded by a crowd of onlookers. Cliff drops Malcolm on top of the balloon, cushioning Malcolm’s landing. Cliff then zooms off past the rising smoke from the burning fuel truck. Spectators and news photographers push the balloon silk out of the way to get a better look at Malcolm, who’s smiling and laughing.

A bunch of news hounds jump into their cars to pursue Cliff.  Eddie Valentine’s boys pile into another car. “He’s going west!” shouts Spanish Johnny.

Peevy is already in his Ford pickup truck, beeping his horn to get spectators out of the way as he drives toward the bean fields.

A swarm of reporters flood the bank of phone booths next to the spectator stands.

“Right! Hold the front page!” shouts a reporter into the phone.

“Yeah, that’s what I said!” says another reporter into a phone, “a rocket man!”

High up above the clouds, Cliff soars in a lazy S turn  with his rocket pack. He spots a Ford Tri-Motor and sidles up along the right side of the plane. He passes just outside the right engine, with its Pratt & Whitney logo clearly visible.

In This Minute

Eddie Jones as Malcolm
Jon Polito as Bigelow
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Paul Sorvino as Eddie Valentine
Robert Miranda as Spanish Johnny
Daniel O’Shea as Mike
Thomas Lee Tully as Reporter
Mike Finneran as Reporter
Doug McGrath as Reporter
Dave Adams as Reporter



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