The Rocketeer,

Minute 047: You Steer, I’ll Push

June 27, 2017

Guest Host: Mike Bruno

To say that Mike Bruno is a Rocketeer “collector” is an understatement. Listen to today’s episode and you’ll probably agree.



Peevy puts his foot on the clutch and tries to start the truck. The starter doesn’t work. The news boys are approaching in their cars.

Cliff is unbuckling his rocket pack, but pauses.  “Peevy,” he says, “put it in neutral.”

“What?” asks Peevy.

“Put it in neutral!” shouts Cliff, as he climbs into the bed of the pickup truck.

“You steer, I’ll push!” says Cliff, as he puts his arms on the cab of the pickup. He ignites the rocket pack, and the truck shoots forward at an amazing speed. The truck leaves the oncoming cars far in the distance.

Eddie Valentine and his boys pile out of their car. Spanish Johnny pulls out a pair of binoculars.

Meanwhile, Peevy is trying to control the direction of the truck as it flies away at a ludicrous speed.

Eddie is crestfallen at missing The Rocketeer. He spots his henchman Mike eating a box of popcorn, and slaps it out of Mike’s hand in frustration. “Get in the car!” he yells at Mike.

Later that morning, Bigelow enters his office at the airfield and hangs his hat on the hatstand. A gaggle of newspapermen follow him into the office.

“How about some background on the flying man?” asks one of the newspapermen.

“Sorry boys,” says Bigelow, “it’s a trade secret. It’s all part of the mystery. Why don’t you, uh, call him Rocket Boy?”

“Nah, that’s lousy!” says another newspaperman. “What about Rocket Man?”

“That’s worse!” says another newspaperman. “How about Missile Man?”

“That stinks!” says the second newspaperman. “C’mon, Bigelow, give us a better name!” Bigelow looks out the window and spots a PIONEER PETROLEUM sign by the bleachers.

“How about — Rocketeer?” asks Bigelow.  The newspapermen all agree that’s the best name.

Cut to a stack of newspapers with “MAN FLIES WITHOUT PLANE” and “Rocketeer Thrills Crowd” on the cover of the Los Angeles Examiner’s PM Final. “EXTRA! EXTRA!” yells a paper boy. “Man flies without plane! Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” Cliff, at the newsstand, picks up a copy of the paper.

In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Paul Sorvino as Eddie Valentine
Robert Miranda as Spanish Johnny
Daniel O’Shea as Mike
Jon Polito as Bigelow
Thomas Lee Tully as Reporter
Mike Finneran as Reporter
Doug McGrath as Reporter
Dave Adams as Reporter
Chance Michael Corbitt as Newspaper Kid



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