The Rocketeer,

Minute 053: A Euphonious Appelation

July 05, 2017

Guest Host: Ron Fields

Ronald J. Fields is a critically acclaimed Writer/Producer, Playwright and New York Times Best Selling Author, as well as a Primetime Television Writer for NBC and Paramount Studios.

His many accomplishments include a National Primetime Emmy for Best Documentary “W.C. Fields Straight Up”; co-produced by Ronald J. Fields, PBS and The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Visit Ron’s website to get copies of his many books about his grandfather, WC Fields.


Jenny and Neville are seated at a table in the South Seas Club, when they’re interrupted by a cigar-chomping man in a tuxedo, holding a martini and laughing loudly.

“Hello, Bill!” says Neville, shaking the man’s hand briskly. “How are you?”

“Ha!” replies the man. “Fallen off any chandeliers lately?” The man pats Neville on the shoulder.

“Bill, let me introduce you to Miss Jenny Blake,” says Neville, turning toward Jenny. “Mister W.C. Fields.”

“Ah, charmed, my dear, ” says Fields, kissing Jenny’s gloved hand, while his gaze shifts to Jenny’s cleavage. “Doubly charmed.”

Mark, one of Eddie Valentine’s South Seas employees, whispers in Neville’s ear.

“Jenny,” says Fields, “what a euphonious appellation!”

“Thank you!” says Jenny.

Neville interrupts, “Jenny, excuse me for a moment. I – uh, I won’t be long.” Neville turns toward Fields. “Bill, please look after her.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” replies Fields. “Scram!” Jenny smiles. Fields takes Neville’s seat at the table. “Ah, my little kumquat,” says Fields, “I am fully prepared to listen to your life story.”

Meanwhile, in Eddie Valentine’s office at the South Seas Club, a “mermaid” swimmer swirls in a sea of bubbles within a giant water tank. Eddie’s assistant, Stevie, is on the phone with someone.

“Yeah, okay – I’ll tell him,” says Stevie as he hangs up the phone. He turns toward Eddie. “Spanish Johnny – he’s checking on the diner where the fliers hang out.”

“Yeah, alright,” says Eddie, “Stevie, make me a Bromo, will ya?”

Neville walks through the office door. “What do you want?” asks Neville.

“Everything okay?” asks Eddie, “We treating you good?”

“Get to the point, Eddie,” says Sinclair, crossing the room to Eddie’s desk. “I’m busy. You’ve found the rocket?”


“You’re busy, huh?” says Eddie. “My guys are busy tearing up the town looking for that rocket, and you’re busy romancing some dame, huh?”

“That ‘dame’ happens to be Secord’s –” replies Sinclair.
In This Minute
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair
Clint Howard as Mark
Bob Leeman as W. C. Fields
Joe D’Angerio as Stevie
Paul Sorvino as Eddie Valentine



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