The Rocketeer,

Minute 059: A Lovely Bouquet

July 13, 2017

Guest Host: Jonathan Bach

Jonathan Bach was named for the famous seagull created by his father, the author Richard Bach. When Jonathan was two, his parents divorced. There was little contact between father and son for the next 20 years. Jonathan describes his longing, anger, resentment, and confusion at being unable to know his father and his joy at their reconciliation and the new relationship they are building in his bestselling book Above the Clouds.


Spanish Johnny, Jeff, Mike, and Rusty are holding Cliff, Peevy, Skeets, Goose, and Millie prisoner at the Bull Dog.

Spanish Johnny just discovered Jenny’s phone number. He dials the number.

At Mrs Pye’s boarding house, Irma answers the phone. “It’s mine!” she yells to two other girls, as she lifts the receiver. “Hello?” she says.

“Hello,” says Spanish Johnny, “This is the – – florist. I have a lovely bouquet of flowers for — Jenny?”

“Who sent her flowers?” asks Irma.

“Cliff Secord?” says Spanish Johnny.

“Oh, is that right?” asks Irma. “Well, tell him he’s too late because she’s gone to the South Seas Club with Mister Neville Sinclair!” Spanish Johnny hangs up the phone. “Hello? Hello?” says Irma, into a dead phone.

Spanish Johnny waves Rusty over to him. “Rusty, you’re not going to believe this – guess where the dish went?”

“Where?” asks Rusty.

Spanish Johnny lights a cigarette. “With the Limey, to the South Seas Club.” Cliff listens intently to the discussion.

“What do you think,” says Rusty, “Fancy Pants is pulling a fast one on Eddie?”

“I don’t know,” replies Spanish Johnny, “but I don’t like this.” He turns toward the other henchmen. “Jeff,” says Spanish Johnny, “you and Mikey stay here and watch who walks into this joint.” Spanish Johnny walks toward the door. Rusty pats Goose and Skeets on the shoulders and says, “Boys, it’s been a pleasure.”

“I’ll call you from the club,” says Spanish Johnny to Jeff. Spanish Johnny and Rusty leave.

“Alright, Johnny,” says Jeff, “We’ll take care of it.”

In This Minute
Eddie Jones as Malcolm
Margot Martindale as Millie
Billy Campbell as Cliff Secord
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Robert Miranda as Spanish Johnny
Michael Miloan as Jeff
Daniel O’Shea as Mike
John Lachiavelli as Rusty



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