The Rocketeer,

Minute 061: I Love Her, Peev

July 17, 2017


Cliff is putting on the Cirrus X-3 as Peevy climbs the ladder to the Bulldog Cafe’s attic.

“Everyone in the city is looking for us!” says Cliff. “Now, I can fly to that nightclub in five minutes, and nobody can follow me!”

“Take a cab,” says Peevy. “The only place this thing is going is back to the feds! We had an agreement, son!”

” Look!” shouts Cliff, “Peev, I’m sorry — I should have listened to you from the start. But Jenny’s in trouble now, and that girl means more to me than…  I love her, Peev.”

“Does she know that?” asks Peevy.

“She’s gonna find out,” replies Cliff.

“You promise me one thing, ” says Peevy, “When she’s safe, this thing goes back!”

” Brother,” says Cliff, “You’ve got my word on that. I am sorry I’ve ever laid eyes on this thing.” He turns to leave. Peevy picks up the helmet and taps Cliff on the shoulder.

“You might want this,” says Peevy, handing Cliff the helmet.

Cliff sighs. “I’ll meet you back here,” he says, as he turns to leave.

“Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it – -” says Peevy, pointing to a large leak on the left nacelle of the X-3.  “You’re leaking like a sieve here. You must have picked up a ricochet. If you’d hit that button, we’d be all over the map by now!”

“Well, can you fix it?” asks Cliff.

“I could,” says Peevy, “if I had a couple of hours.”

“Peevy, we don’t have a couple of minutes!” says Cliff. “C’mon – – we need something quick!” Peevy peels the gum he’d put on the X-3 earlier and plugs the bullet hole.

“Let’s see if our luck’s still holding!” says Peevy, pounding his fist on the gum-covered bullet hole.  “Go on!”

Cliff steps onto the balcony of the Bulldog Cafe, located on  the shoulders of the building.

“Alright, Peevy, “says Cliff, “stand clear!” Cliff presses the ignition switch.

“What was that?” asks Peevy.


In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Alan Arkin as Peevy



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