The Rocketeer,

Minute 062: I Hear Music

July 18, 2017

Guest Host: Billy Campbell

Best known for his television roles as Rick Sammler on Once and Again, as Det. Joey Indelli on Crime Story, as Jordan Collier on The 4400, and as Dr. Jon Fielding on the Tales of the City miniseries. He is also known for his recurring role as Luke Fuller in Dynasty which was his first prominent role. His most notable films include Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Enough. He portrayed Darren Richmond on the AMC television series The Killing, and played Dr. Alan Farragut in the SyFy series Helix.

And he was the title character in a little film called The Rocketeer.


Cliff lifts off from the roof of the Bulldog Cafe, knocking Peevy off his heels into the Bulldog’s attic.

As Peevy recovers, a hand carrying a revolver cocks its hammer and points it at Peevy.

Meanwhile, at the South Seas Club, a photographer snaps a picture of Jenny and Neville at their table.

“Thank you, “says Jenny.

“Thank you,” replies the photographer, smiling and leaving. Jenny turns toward Neville.

“It’s so elegant!” says Jenny. She looks down at her champagne glass.

“You make it so,” replies Neville. He lifts his champagne glass. “Here’s to you,” he says, “and to the extraordinary way your face catches the light.” Jenny lifts her own glass and Neville clinks them together. They both sip their drinks.

“You must let me have this dance,” says Neville. Jenny laughs.

“There’s no music!” she replies.

“Really?” asks Neville, smiling. He stands, and Jenny does as well. “I hear music,” he says.

High over Graumann’s Chinese Theater, where Bette Davis in “Jezebel” is playing, the Rocketeer streaks across the northern sky, passing the illuminated HOLLYWOODLAND sign. He appears to be landing near Hollywood Blvd and Vine St.

Back at the South Seas Club, Neville and Jenny stroll across an empty dance floor. Onlooking dinner-goers watch the Number Three Box Office Star with his companion from their seats.

“It’s Neville Sinclair!” says one woman watching the scene.

In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Ed Lauter as Fitch
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Kathleen Michaels as South Seas Camera Girl



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