The Rocketeer,

Minute 067: Some Hare-Brained Scheme

July 25, 2017

Guest Host: Alden Frautschy

Alden Frautschy is an intern at the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He’s also a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.


Neville Sinclair isn’t too sure about this waiter at the South Seas Club. But Jenny is sure – – it’s Cliff, spying on them.

“So,” says Neville to Jenny, “Please go on.” Cliff nervously adjusts the flowers on the table.

“Where is he now?” asks Sinclair.

“He’s probably hatching – – some hare-brained scheme, ” says Jenny, through gritted teeth. “Now he has an engine — says you strap it on your back and – ” Clifford pours champagne over the sides of Jenny’s glass and spills it all over her dress.

“I’m sorry!” says Clifford, stepping back from the table as Jenny gasps.

“You – idiot!” snarls Neville.

“How clumsy of me,” says Cliff.

“Go and get something to clean this up!” gestures Neville at the mess on the table.

“Yes,” says Cliff, and hurries away from the table.

“I’m sorry, Jenny,” says Neville.

“Will you just excuse me for minute?” asks Jenny.

“No, please – stay!” says Neville.

“No, it’s fine,” says Jenny, “Don’t worry about it, Neville. I’ll be right back!” Jenny spots Clifford on the dance floor and heads towards the “big fish.”

Neville, alone at the table, makes a fist as he ponders his misfortune.

Meanwhile, Jenny struggles with her soaked evening gloves as she descends the stairs to the dance floor. The band strikes up “Night and Day.” As Jenny crosses next to the big fish fountain, she’s grabbed by the arm and yanked behind some potted plants.

Cliff stands up and bonks his head on the underside of the fountain.

“Are you out of your mind?” Jenny whispers, angrily. “What are you doing here?”

“Would you just listen to me for a minute?” says Cliff.

“You’re jealous!” replies Jenny. “You found out I was here with Neville and you decided to-”

“No, I’m not jealous!” says Cliff. “Listen, Jenny – – Bigelow’s been murdered.”

“Murdered?” asks Jenny, stunned.

“You remember at the studio,” says Cliff, “when I told you about the rocket we found? Well, the people that are looking for it murdered Bigelow to get to me.  And now, they’re after you.”


In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair



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