The Rocketeer,

Minute 075: Welcome to My Home

August 04, 2017

Guest Host: Billy Campbell

Best known for his television roles as Rick Sammler on Once and Again, as Det. Joey Indelli on Crime Story, as Jordan Collier on The 4400, and as Dr. Jon Fielding on the Tales of the City miniseries. He is also known for his recurring role as Luke Fuller in Dynasty which was his first prominent role. His most notable films include Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Enough. He portrayed Darren Richmond on the AMC television series The Killing, and played Dr. Alan Farragut in the SyFy series Helix.

And he was the title character in a little film called The Rocketeer.


Jenny fakes being asleep, while being held captive by Neville Sinclair. Neville turns on a bedside light, and kneels next to Jenny on the bed. He waves a bottle of smelling salts under Jenny’s nose, and Jenny “awakens” with a gasp.

“Welcome to my home,” says Neville. He puts the smelling salts on the night table, and  picks up a small snifter of brandy. “Here,” he says, offering the glass to Jenny. She sits up in bed, and doesn’t touch the glass, but glares at Sinclair.

“Well, it’s the chloroform,” explains Sinclair. “The effects’ll pass in a moment.” She accepts the glass but doesn’t drink it.

“Do you have to drug all your women to seduce them?” asks Jenny. “You’re part of this. You kidnapped me!”  Neville shakes his head.

“Against my will,” says Neville, “believe me. I’m as much a victim as you are. They’re blackmailing me. These are brutal, ruthless men, Jenny!”

“Neville, I’m sca-” begins Jenny.

In This Minute

Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair



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