The Rocketeer,

Minute 076: Moonlight on Broadway

August 07, 2017

Guest Host: Danny Bilson

Daniel Bilson is a writer, director, and producer of movies, television, videogames, and comic books. With his writing partner Paul DeMeo, Danny Bilson wrote the movie The Rocketeer (1991), the video game James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (2003), the television series The Sentinel (1996), Viper (1994, 1996) and The Flash (1990), and issues of the comic book The Flash. Bilson also directed and produced The Sentinel and The Flash.


Neville Sinclair is sitting on the bed in his mansion with Jenny.

“Neville, I’m scared-” says Jenny. Neville puts his arm around Jenny and presses her to his shoulder.

“Oh, there, there, there — ” says Neville, “Don’t be frightened.” He kisses her, theatrically. Neville holds Jenny’s head in his hands. “You know,” says Neville, “Tonight, when we danced – – I felt something move inside me. I felt it tear loose, and take flight.”

Jenny looks at him. “You said that to Greta Garbo,” says Jenny, “in Napoleon’s Mistress.”

“But you’d have been a fantastic Lady Catherine,” says Neville. “If you’d put yourself into my hands, I could teach you, mold you — into a leading lady. Clay, in the hands of the master sculptor–”

Jenny laughs. “Moonlight on Broadway ! Carole Lombard — the scene on the top of the Empire State Building.”

Neville smiles awkwardly. “Ehh-yes.” He lets go of Jenny. “Look, you can’t be comfortable in that gown.” He stands up from the bed and walks toward a closet. Neville opens the closet doors.

In This Minute

Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair



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