The Rocketeer,

Minute 095: My Pilot is the Finest in Germany

September 01, 2017

Guest Host: Jack Pelton

Jack Pelton is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Experimental Aircraft Association and the former CEO of Cessna Aircraft Company. Before becoming the CEO of Cessna, Jack was Cessna’s Senior Vice President of Engineering. Before joining Textron in 2000, Jack was Senior Vice President of Engineering and Programs at Fairchild Dornier. Prior to this, he worked at McDonnell Douglas for over two decades.


The Nazi agent is arguing with Sinclair about how the mission isn’t going as planned.

Meanwhile,  The Rocketeer has reached the hatch on top of the zeppelin.  A large “7” is painted on its surface. The Rocketeer pulls out his pistol as he prepares to open the hatch, only he’s surprised by the looming shape of Lothar, who’s suddenly opened the hatch from inside the ship.  The Rocketeer’s pistol is knocked out of his hand by the opening hatch, and the pistol skitters down the side of the zeppelin.  The Rocketeer lunges after the pistol, but it slips off the side and into the Hollywood night.

Lothar climbs out of the hatch and stands atop the zeppelin. He attaches a large leather safety belt around his waist, and then prepares to swing at The Rocketeer with an exceptionally large wrench.

The two opponent face off. Lothar swings his  wrench and misses. The Rocketeer sidesteps Lothar and stands between the giant and the hatch. Lothar’s hat blows off, distracting him from The Rocketeer for a moment. The Rocketeer boots Lothar between the legs, to no effect.  Lothar growls, and takes another swing with his wrench at The Rocketeer. This time, the wrench connects with the Rocketeer’s helmet, and he tumbles off the side of the ship.

Lothar grins and gloats, not noticing that The Rocketeer has orbited under the zeppelin and is now rocketing toward Lothar from the starboard side. He slams into the giant, and Lothar tumbles off the side of the ship, still attached via the safety harness.

Meanwhile, in the pilot cabin, the zeppelin Captain is reassuring Sinclair of their safety.

“Do not worry, Herr Sinclair, “says the Captain. “My pilot is the finest in Germany. We are in capable hands. He will not let us down!” Just then, Lothar’s body swings into the front of the cabin, smashing the window and knocking the pilot out of the airship.

“No!” screams the pilot.

In This Minute

Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Tiny Ron as Lothar
Heinrich James as Nazi Agent
Herman Poppe as Zeppelin Captain
Norbert Weisser as Zeppelin Pilot



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