The Rocketeer,

Minute 096: Das ist Deine Schuld!

September 04, 2017

Guest Host: FBI Special Agent Robert Borchert, (Ret.)

Special Agent Robert Borchert began his career in the FBI in 1977. He worked on many notable cases, including organized crime and kidnapping, as well as conducting covert surveillance operations.


The zeppelin pilot has just been knocked out of a window by the unconscious Lothar, who is swinging outside, tethered by a safety cable.

The unmanned helm controls are swinging randomly.

Neville Sinclair stares out into the night, and sees the unconscious, upside-down Lothar swinging from the safety cable. “Lothar!” says Sinclair.

The zeppelin Captain examines the controls.

The Nazi agent is outraged. “Das ist deine Schuld (This is your fault)!” he yells at Sinclair.

A Höhl (Cave) altimeter  shows the ship is down to 1500 feet and dropping. ” We are losing altitude,” says the Captain. “We must drop some weight.”

The Nazi agent is even more outraged. “You – – you — ACTOR!” he shouts at Sinclair.  Sinclair looks at him, then pulls out a pistol and shoots the Nazi agent. The agent falls out the open doorway.

The Captain looks shocked. Sinclair turns to the Captain, and says (in German-accented English), “For ze Fazzahland!”

Nervously, the Captain nods, and says, “Ja!” Sinclair turns to the back of the cabin.

Komm!” says Sinclair to a crew member. The crewman drags Jenny to the front of the cabin.

Beeil dich! Da oben ist der mann (Hurry up! Up there is the man).” says Sinclair to the crewman. “Los (get going)!”

Ja,” says the crewman, who heads up the stairway to the hatch.

From up above, the crewman shouts, “Herr Sinclair!” before he’s silenced by a loud punching sound. The crewman, now unconscious, falls down the spiral stairway.

Sinclair and Jenny look at the man on the deck, and then see Cliff jumping to the base of the stairs.  Sinclair points his gun at Jenny and puts his arm around her.

“I’ve had a bellyful of you -” says Sinclair to Secord.

In This Minute

Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Timothy Dalton as Neville Sinclair
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Tiny Ron as Lothar
Heinrich James as Nazi Agent
Herman Poppe as Zeppelin Captain
Norbert Weisser as Zeppelin Pilot
Unknown as Nazi Commando




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