The Rocketeer,

Minute 100: One Pass at This

September 08, 2017


The explosion of the X-3 has destroyed the last four letters of the famous “HOLLYWOODLAND” sign.

D-LZ130’s bridge cabin is ablaze, as the ship sinks toward the Hollywood Hills. Cliff lifts Jenny to the top outer surface of the ship through Hatch #7. He shuts the hatch and looks at her.

“Jenny,” says Cliff, “This thing’s full of hydrogen. When the fire hits the envelope-”

“I love you, Cliff, ” says Jenny. They embrace and kiss.

Meanwhile, the wire attached to Lothar grows taut. Apparently Lothar survived the impact with the pilot’s window. He pulls himself along the wire, headed for Cliff and Jenny. Cliff sees him coming, and stands in front of Jenny to protect her. Lothar brandishes a switchblade. Cliff prepares for another fight. Lothar laughs.

Suddenly, the pilot cabin ignites the forward hydrogen envelopes. A gout of flame erupts behind Cliff and Jenny.  Lothar turns away from them and runs aft, with Cliff and Jenny following.  A cascade of explosions continues as the hydrogen envelopes ignite.

“Run, Jenny!” yells Cliff.

From out of the night sky, an autogyro with  “HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.” written on its side appears.  Howard Hughes pilots the craft from the aft cockpit, while Peevy acts as forward observer.

“Steady as she goes, Howard!” yells Peevy. “We’re only gonna get one pass at this!”

Cliff, Jenny, and Lothar continue to run along the top of the Zeppelin Luxembourg, with explosions almost at their heels.  The sky behind them is completely aflame.

Hughes flies past the giant swastika pained on the airship’s vertical stabilizer.

The race to the tail of the ship still has Lothar in the lead, but suddenly the giant’s fortunes change. His tether, now stretched to its limit, pulls him back to a standstill. Cliff and Jenny run past him.

In This Minute
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord
Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake
Tiny Ron as Lothar
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Terry O’Quinn as Howard Hughes



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