The Rocketeer,

Minute 040: He’s Trying to Save Your Job

June 16, 2017

Guest Host: Craig Hosking

Craig Hosking‘s entrance into live action commercials and features came through his expertise as an accomplished pilot. Qualified to fly just about any aircraft, Craig has been the “go to” guy on most of Hollywood’s top features and commercials. He has worked on more than 150 Features and over 200 Commercials. Because he understands, light, composition and how to move the camera, particularly in the 3rd dimension, his skills as a camera pilot have become legendary. The natural transition has been into the world of Second Unit Directing. He has independently created action sequences as well as artistically beautiful images on The Aviator, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones 4, Clear and Present Danger, Jurassic Park 3, Executive Decision, Miami Vice, Space Cowboys, Alaska, The General’s Daughter, Sum of All Fears and many others.


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The air show is underway at Chaplin Field. Cliff rides up on his motorcycle, and notices someone else is flying Miss Mabel.

Miss Mabel bounces down the runway and takes off into the morning sky.

“… and here to dazzle you with his razor-sharp flying skills,” says the announcer, “is Cliff Secord, the ‘Fearless Freep’ — and there he goes!” Cliff watches the takeoff, puzzled, then shuts off his motorcycle.  Miss Mabel circles the field.

In the stands, Bigelow stands next to Peevy. “That’s not the routine,” says Bigelow. “What the hell is Secord trying to pull?”

Just then, Cliff climbs into the stands next to Bigelow. “Thanks a lot, Bigelow!” says Cliff, “I’m two minutes late! Who’d you put up in Miss Mabel?”

“Five cents!” says Patsy, from the base of the stands, wearing Malcolm’s hat “One buffalo! Get your programs! Five Cents!”  Peevy, Cliff, and Bigelow stare at her.

“That’s gotta be Malcolm up there, ” says Peevy. Bigelow lunges to the back of the stands to talk to one of the race flag men.

“Flag that biplane down, now!” shouts Bigelow.  Up in the air, Malcolm is having problems maintaining straight and level flight.

“God, Peevy – he hasn’t been behind a stick in twenty five years!” says Cliff. “What’s he doing up there?”

“He’s trying to save your job, Cliff, ” says Peevy. “But if he drifts into those race lanes, he’s gonna kill somebody.”

Malcolm is all over the sky, throttling up and down, and swinging wildly in his ship. Directly in front of him are the race lanes.

In the morning sky, Malcolm’s plane passes by a last-quarter Moon. The engine stutters. Malcolm, in a clown costume, looks very worried. “Oh!” he says, spotting the oncoming planes.  Both his hands are tightly wrapped around the control stick. The airspeed is down to 77.

In This Minute

(Producer) Larry Franco as Air Show Announcer
Eddie Jones as Malcolm
America Martin as Patsy
Jon Polito as Bigelow
Alan Arkin as Peevy
Bill Campbell as Cliff Secord



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